Sunday, March 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Barbara Feldon!


Happy 78th birthday to Barbara Feldon! I primarily (well, only) know Barbara from her most famous role playing secret agent 99 on the popular spy-spoof comedy show Get Smart! (1965-1970).

I had a bunch of actual screencaps from the show, but apparently those got deleted (?!?!), so I had to hunt down some images on the Interwebs. Maybe sometime in the future I’ll do a post highlighting 99’s swingin’ sixties fashion, but for now, here are some lovely images in honor of Barbara’s birthday.

  Max-and-99-get-smart-original-series-1716122-210-296  barbara feldon 3

BarbaraFeldon (1)  Celebrity-Image-Barbara-Feldon-237717  

barbara feldon

Wishing you many more, Barbara!

1 comment:

  1. Agent 99, Happy Birthday Barbara. Thanks for posting Audrey, I had no idea it was her birthday.


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