Hi, and welcome to Fedoras and High Heels!

My name is Audrey and I started this blog as an outlet for my love of classic films. At first I just wrote about some of the movies that I watched, but starting in 2011, I have reviewed every film seen so far this year. Some reviews are short--just a few sentences--and some are longer, but it's a fun way to keep track of what I see and to share my thoughts.

Most of the movies I watch are from the what is now referred to as the Golden Age of Hollywood (1920s-1960s), though I do also enjoy some films that are made more recently. I also occasionally blog about  vintage fashion, classic TV from the '50s and '60s, culture, or anything else from this time period that catches my fancy!

Some random facts about me: 
  • I am twenty years old. 
  • I am a Catholic and I love God and my faith very much. 
  • I love to read!  
  • I am from a large family.
  • I grew up watching old films, but I just started exploring them myself in the spring of 2010. 
  • With few exceptions, I generally prefer happy endings. :)
  • One of the many reasons I love old movies is because of the great costumes (thus the title of this blog, I guess. Actually I just couldn't think of a better name. But don't tell anyone).
  • I am a vegan.
  • My favorite decade is probably the 1940s, with perhaps the Edwardian period (1910s) or 1950s as a runner up. 
  • One of my favorite movies when I was younger was Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954).
  • I've only seen two silent films, and I can't say I'm completely sold on them yet. 
  • I also have a more personal blog, Just Audrey, in which I write about a variety of topics and interests.  
I hope you enjoy reading, and please introduce yourself if you are new to the blog. :) Thanks for visiting!
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