Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Interview with Cary Grant’s Daughter {Video}

This weekend, CBS Sunday Morning featured an interview with Jennifer Grant, Cary Grant’s only child. It’s interesting to see this other side of the famous legend—that of loving father. I enjoyed the interview and think the book sounds great. It’s nice that Jennifer obviously loves and respects her dad so much. (Unlike some celebrity children—not saying any names). ;)

Here is the interview, which features endearing home video footage of Cary and young Jennifer.

To read the interview for Parade magazine that Jennifer did on the book, click here.

And finally, I recently stumbled across this recording of Cary Grant speaking/singing a lullaby. It’s amusing and definitely worth a listen!


  1. That was a beautiful interview. I'm sure I will enjoy reading her book. And, I agree, it's a breath of fresh air that Jennifer isn't trashing her dad, but is talking of him lovingly.

    Actually, I love a couple movies where Cary plays paternal. Penny Serenade is my all-time favorite Grant movie and about my #6 all-time favorite period. I also really love him in Room for One More. Both movies have him breaking from the traditional ladies' man, and he does it beautifully. Who knew those movies were just a prelude to his real paternal role with Jennifer.

  2. I agree--he's great in "Penny Serenade", though the movie is SO sad. I
    haven't seen "Room for One More". I'll have to check that out. :)

  3. Wow, an awesome dad and a great actor, all in one! Thanks for posting! =)


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