Sunday, March 13, 2011

February Poll Results + March Poll

The results of the February poll comparing the two stages of Cary Grant’s career are in (they’ve been ‘in’ for a while, but don’t tell).

14 voted that they preferred his work in the 1930s - 1940s
2 voted that they preferred his work in the 1950s - 1960s

I think the fact that Grant made so many films during the first half of his career probably made the match such a sweep.

But his next poll I think will be a little harder…


I thought it would be interesting this month to compare the stages of another legend, James Stewart. The two parts of his career are easily divided, as his roles took on more diversity after he returned from his service in World War II. Unlike Cary Grant, who mainly played variations of the same type of character, Stewart got the opportunity to flex his acting muscles in a variety of roles during his career.

This is from Wikipedia (classy source, I know):

Stewart's career defied the boundaries of genre and trend, and he made his mark in screwball comedies, suspense thrillers, westerns, biographies and family films.

I think because his image was that of such an ‘everyman’ he was able to flawlessly transition into many genres.

Just to refresh everyone of what films he made, here is a partial filmography of Stewart’s films:

Pre-War (1935-1941)

Next Time We Love
Wife vs. Secretary
Small Town Girl
The Gorgeous Hussy
Born to Dance
After the Thin Man
Seventh Heaven
Of Human Hearts
Vivacious Lady
The Shopworn Angel
You Can't Take It With You
Made for Each Other
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Destry Rides Again
The Shop Around the Corner

The Mortal Storm
The Philadelphia Story

Ziegfeld Girl

File:Brig. Gen. James M. Stewart.jpg
Post-War (1946 and on)

It's a Wonderful Life
Call Northside 777
The Stratton Story
Winchester '73
Broken Arrow
No Highway in the Sky
The Greatest Show on Earth
The Naked Spur
The Glenn Miller Story

Rear Window
The Man Who Knew Too Much

The Spirit of St. Louis
Bell, Book and Candle

Anatomy of a Murder
The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation

How the West Was Won
The Flight of the Phoenix
The Shootist

So which do you prefer? The films Stewart made earlier in his career, or his later work? You can vote in the poll on the sidebar.

Speaking of which, iIt really bothers me that the poll seems to be too short in length and height for the poll widget to fit into (see picture below). I’ve tried widening the sidebar but to no avail. It’s quite annoying. I may switch to a different poll service but I like the Blogger one because it matches the theme.

lkl <---see, you can’t even read the whole thing without scrolling! Gahh! Let me know if you have any advice to make the poll fit right. : )


  1. Same as before: I have to choose the earlier period, but that doesn't mean he - or Cary - wasn't great later on too!

  2. This was a tough choice when I voted because I love 30's, 40's, 50's and a 60's Cary Grant.

  3. Thank you for visiting my new classic movie blog recently. Your visit to me has enabled me to find you. I love finding all these wonderful old movie blogs. I mean, one can NEVER talk about the classics too much.

    since I just discovered you, I wasn't able to vote in the Cary Grant poll, so I'll just tell you, I would have been the 3rd vote in the 50's and 60's category. And that is simply because Cary grew more and more handsome the older he got. Like fine wine, that man improved with age. Looking at his 30's movies, I don't think he's all that handsome, but even by Bachelor and Bobby Soxer (mid 40's) he was looking great. But in the 50's and 60's, with that gray in his hair, he was off the charts gorgeous. So, those are the years I prefer. (I am ga ga over him in Indiscreet!!)

  4. Hi Audrey! (I love your name!) Sorry it took me a few days to reply, Mr. Wing-It and I have been traveling and I've been too tired to even look at the computer. To answer your question, that has never happened to my ice creams! I'm so sorry you ended up with a syrupy non-ice cream. You might be on to something, it could very well be the vanilla. I use the Costco brand which is 35% alcohol and my ice creams always freeze perfectly. Maybe your vanilla has a higher alcohol content? Thanks for the heads up though!


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